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Atlas Reactor

October 2016 (5 years ago)

Atlas Reactor is a 4v4 team-based tactical/strategic PvP game that uses simultaneous turns with 4 action phases during combat. Prep -> Dash -> Blast -> Move. Players can't Move after a Dash action. The players on both teams are given 20 seconds to choose an action each turn that is then played out in order. Prep and Blast actions are shown individually for a better idea of what has happened during their phases. Dash and Move actions are shown simultaneously during their phases.

Estimated Daily Players


Atlas Reactor has approximately 1 thousand daily players.

Estimated Total Players


Atlas Reactor has approximately 155 thousand total players.

“Trust in Us,” they say. It’s not a bad deal. The Trusts create, maintain, and exploit our glorious post-human era. They control the last Reactor – resurrection, energy, light – and the whole world along with it. Work for the Trusts, and live in the last megacity on the planet. Or, become a Freelancer, and live forever. The Trusts pay top dollar to… well, stay on top. Freelancers help them do that. But every Freelancer is free to set their sights a little higher. Take down a Trust. Or create one. Some even try to save the world. Just try not to die. In this city, life is cheap. It’s resurrection that’s expensive.


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  • Trion Worlds


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Atlas Reactor ScreenshotAtlas Reactor ScreenshotAtlas Reactor ScreenshotAtlas Reactor ScreenshotAtlas Reactor Screenshot

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