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September 2018 (4 years ago)

Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a weathered explorer, a master builder, a shrewd trader or a natural born fighter, there is a place for you in the massive open-world sandbox universe of Boundless. Watch the sunrise on one world before hunting down epic Titans on another. Explore caverns on your own or build a city with your guild. Mine, trade or fight Protectors for resources and search for elusive Oort technology. Build a shop and trade your treasures, create amazing sandbox contraptions, hunt for Titans, sell your services, claim land, see the worlds, open a Portal and expand your reach across the universe. Create your citizen, define your role, make your mark, become Boundless.

Estimated Daily Players


Boundless has approximately 1.3 thousand daily players.

Estimated Total Players


Boundless has approximately 50 thousand total players.


  • Square Enix Collective
  • Wonderstruck Games


  • Wonderstruck Games




Boundless ScreenshotBoundless ScreenshotBoundless ScreenshotBoundless ScreenshotBoundless ScreenshotBoundless Screenshot

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