Why should you play Final Fantasy 14 in 2021?

Why should you play Final Fantasy 14 in 2021?

Since the launch, Final Fantasy XIV has undergone several updates to make it more enjoyable. When Final Fantasy 14 first came out, there were many problems that everyone talked about. But now everything is fixed up and ready for players to enjoy themselves.

The current release content of Final Fantasy XIV is Stormblood. This was launched on June 20th, 2017, with early access starting on June 16th. It features a new storyline, player housing, swimming mounts, underwater exploration, and battle system overhauls. With the update of Stormblood, all classes are receiving some changes including new abilities and skills obtaining at level 60 or immediately at level 70 if you do not own Heavensward. However, this has come with a final price of having to purchase the expansion to continue playing Final Fantasy XIV.

The new zones introduced in Stormblood are amazing and each one has unique features and elements that make them stand out from one another. You can level up your character by completing quests or defeating enemies you come across as you fight monsters, explore caverns and travel through cities and towns alongside other players who will be doing the same thing as you.

Final Fantasy 14 is different from other Final Fantasy games because it has an ever-growing community within which players create guilds, clans and take part in dungeons, raids, and other group activities. It also includes a player housing system where people can buy houses for their characters to live in. Player housing works like a place where you can have all your items and equipment safe from thieves or other players that may try to steal them.

Final Fantasy XIV also has a unique class system, it has a different combat system, a unique world and storyline, amazing graphics, and soundtracks not found in any Final Fantasy game before. This is what makes Final Fantasy XIV stand out from the rest of the Final Fantasy games available on the market today. However, if you want to play this game, be prepared for a steep learning curve as well as having to do some research about how things work within the game so you don't find yourself getting stuck at times trying to figure things out. But once you get used to playing Final Fantasy 14, everything will feel worth it because Final Fantasy XIV is a very enjoyable game.

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