What to do in Darkfall Unholy Wars

What to do in Darkfall Unholy Wars

Darkfall Unholy Wars is an online multiplayer game, so naturally there are lots of things to do. People play this game extensively to achieve many different goals. One type of goal which people enjoy for personal satisfaction or fulfillment is achievement hunting. Achievement hunting is the act of completing tasks or missions to receive certain rewards or titles. Most games have many types of missions or quests that people can complete to get items. Darkfall Unholy Wars is no exception; below are the best 5 missions (in my opinion) to complete in Darkfall Online.


Most MMO games like this one have quests which players can receive from NPCs. Quests usually require certain things, such as killing a certain number of monsters or collecting items. Some quests can be completed in groups and others cannot. There are many different types of quests, such as main story quests which must be done to progress the game's story line, side-quests which provide extra detail about a NPC character, and profession tasks which usually relate to your chosen class in a beneficial way.


There are several dungeons in Darkfall Unholy Wars which can be completed alone or with a party. Dungeons are very challenging, but the rewards are usually worth it. Each dungeon has some sort of unique boss monster who always drops rare items and/or equipment schematics. Dungeons also have marked named monsters which provide good loot and/or experience once they are killed. The best dungeons in this game are easily the River of Souls dungeon which relates to level 55+ players, and also the Hatchery dungeon which relates to players who are less than level 50.

PvP Quests

There are many different PvP quests in Darkfall Unholy Wars which you can complete through fighting against other players. Killing another player in the game provides a "Bandit Kill" which gives you a certain amount of experience and loot from that player based on their level. PvP quests are different from normal quests because they require the person to actually risk being killed by fighting others, whereas regular quests can be completed alone or with a party. PvP quests also provide a different style of gameplay, which makes the game unique.

Kill Quests

There are many types of kill quests in Darkfall Unholy Wars, and they consist of killing any number of monsters. Kill quests require you to go out into the world and find a certain number or type of monsters somewhere on the map and kill them. The best kill quests in my opinion are the level 50+ "Hunting" quests which require you to go into a certain map and find a rare monster who drops good loot once killed. These types of quests give high rewards for very low amounts of effort put in, so they are definitely worth doing if you want some rewards but don't want to spend too much time on them.

Dungeon Exploration Quests

Another kind of quest in Darkfall Unholy Wars is the dungeon exploration quest, which require you to explore a certain number of dungeons. These quests allow you to level up your character while exploring all the game's dungeons. The best part about these quests is that once you go into a dungeon for the quest, you can explore it to your heart's content and level up while you do it. These types of quests are the best because they allow you to get good rewards without much effort put in, so people who don't have time to complete missions or quests can easily do these in under an hour.

One way to complete these quests is by joining an organized clan which can bring you into parties for dungeons, PvP situations, and bandit kills. Although joining a clan is not required to do the best 5 missions in Darkfall Unholy Wars, it definitely makes completing them easier if you are able to enter a party with people who know how to get things done. This game is unique because you can both advance your character easily and it's also easy to get into parties to do dungeons or kill quests, making this game especially great for casual players who only have an hour or two per day to play games, yet still want to level up and get good gear.

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