Marvel Future Revolution Game Review

Marvel Future Revolution Game Review

Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile game released in March 2017, developed by Netmarble Games. The goal of the player is to earn points through completing actions and use those points to purchase new heroes that can be added to your team. There are different types of heroes with different abilities which makes it necessary to build a balanced roster.

The standard gameplay consists of completing tasks to level up your heroes, earning gold, and unlocking new heroes. Each hero has an alternate form which can be unlocked through specific quests or purchased with real money. The game is split into chapters, currently consisting of 11 chapters with the 12th chapter set to release soon.

Future Revolution also features a PVP battle mode where players are grouped into teams of 3 and fight against each other in a turn-based battle. As players level up they unlock new combos which can be used to defeat their enemies. The last team standing wins the match.

The game also offers daily login bonuses, tasks for your heroes that can help you earn gold faster, and energy systems where a password must be entered to reset the energy.

Overall, the game is entertaining but it lacks variation and could use more heroes. The player has to be patient through long wait times which can become overwhelming after a while. Another downside would be its high price tag for new heroes, often requiring players to spend real money so they can move forward in the game easily. However, the game is still fun and exciting making it a popular choice among Marvel fans.

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