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TextSpaced is a text-based sci-fi MMORPG played in Facebook Messenger, where as a captain you attempt to survive and prosper in an infinite and hostile universe. TextSpaced blends the style of more traditional text adventures with modern principles to create a game where everyone coexists in the same expansive universe which is steeped in lore and intrigue. The entire universe is organic where everything is connected to everything else, every decision you make has a cascade of repercussions for you and your faction. The sandbox nature of the game leaves you, the player, the freedom to decide at any point what to do next.

A rich lore has been developed in TextSpaced that filters through every aspect of the game. In conjunction with a main story that takes place over a few millennium there is a lot more to experience. Firstly, each character has their own back story which you can progress through the game as it naturally unfolds. The stories range from a young women bent on revenge against the government to an android that was deemed not worthy of repair. Each story is unique and is a compelling way to understand your characters motives and reasoning. Additional special stories can be undertaken in special quests or by visiting unique places in the game, such as trying to find out what really happened to Old Earth thousands of years ago or uncovering what happened to the lost children of the Descendants. As well as story, lore and mechanics can be learnt through charting planets and cataloging wildlife, wonders and points of interest. Books also containing extended lore as well as unique items that can be discovered all help bring life to a universe filled with players and non players alike.


  • Indie Developer




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