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October 2016 (5 years ago)

Meadow is Might and Delight's latest release; a massively multiplayer online sandbox that allows players to interact as animals would. Described as a "forum in games' clothing", this online fable experience lets fans - old and new - come together and experience a peculiar world.Unlike traditional titles from the Shelter franchise, in Meadow the more time spent embracing the gameplay features in the world, the more you receive. Owning any previous Shelter related title(s) or products will also unlock in-game content. The open landscape also provides ample room for exploration with new patches and additions promised.

Unlike its predecessors, Meadow's narrative is established by the players in the adventures they, themselves create. There is no hunting, feeding, or survival - just exploration and communication. Band together with other animals, form uneasy allies or choose to explore alone. Whatever you decide, the open park life is one you will want to immerse yourself in.


  • Might and Delight


  • Might and Delight


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Meadow ScreenshotMeadow ScreenshotMeadow ScreenshotMeadow ScreenshotMeadow ScreenshotMeadow Screenshot

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