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Dragoneila is a addicting MMORPG with new gameplay techniques and mechanics. We decided to abandon the standard MMORPG systems and want to show a new vision of game mechanics and interaction with the world. We want show that players completely influence the outcome of the world, where every action, has a consequence, for example, if this is a quest or killing a monster, then the world can change and transform. Only the players decide what the world will be like. You yourself decide to kill someone or make an alliance. In the world of Dragoneila, all animals and monsters have their own thoughts, their views on the world, you can get along with them or start a war, they will become your allies or you want to completely destroy their existence - you decide. We've also removed the usual quest system, making it more interesting. You don't need to complete normal quests or kill monsters to achieve anything in Dragoneila. Even a trip to the open world can bring you a lot of useful and exciting experiences.The world of this game is unpredictable and changeable, endowed with magic and amazing creatures - it can completely change depending on the actions of the players. The game itself supports an open world mode. You can travel anywhere. Aerial islands and heavenly kingdoms, underwater kingdoms, caves with hot lava, deserts and territories covered with eternal snow will open for you. There are amazing things hidden all over the world - from magic to unique items. But be careful, it also has many dangers - from traps to being transported to other worlds. Day and night, the world is completely different - at night it becomes more dangerous, completely different from the usual world during the day.As you already understood, Dragoneila is not quite your usual MMORPG, it has undergone many changes and improvements in game mechanics, in the interaction between NPC / AI and players, as well as in the interaction with world.


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