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Battle Life Online

October 2021 (in 2 months)

Battle Life Online is a new 3D open World FPS / TPS / PvP-RP / Social-Hub / Racing / Mining multiplayer computer game set in a fictional present with sci-fi elements that offer players an open game world where it is entirely up to them to decide what to do, as well as when to do it.- Explore the 64km² island, which is divided into 4 different climate zones. With its lush meadows, dense forests, vast desert, or hot tropics, there is a lot to do and discover while interracting simultaneously withother real players.- For this, you get many different vehicles at your disposal, to get fast and "safe?", from A to B, to attain your objectives.- Go your way as an outlaw or take part in adventures and events together with your friends in a group.- Experience a unique and dynamic open world PvP-system, which leads to tense situations.Are you a helpful savior of those in need?Or the rebel who knows no mercy?It's up to you.Civilians, Rebels, Cops, Bigwigs, Weapons, Cars and the dear Money...Collect / Fight / Earn / Win


  • Matthias Gechter


  • Matthias Gechter


  • Windows



Battle Life Online ScreenshotBattle Life Online ScreenshotBattle Life Online Screenshot

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