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Acheron's Souls

September 2021 (in 3 weeks)

Acheron’s Souls is a turn-based strategy game, which contains board game elements and in which several fighters face off to be the last to survive in the arena. Stream the game and play with 8 friends even if they don't have the game in their library!Acheron's Souls has a buch of heroes with a background that details them and with which we can understand the reasons that move them to fight in each battle. Up to 8 players can duel simultaneously.The game has different game modes, such a Battle Royale' mode where the last player standing wins or a team mode where the tactics and coordination of the players is the key to victory.Acheron's Souls is a turn based game. In each turn you can send three actions (move, attack or defend). Heroes have special active and passive abilities that make each game have endless possibilities.The battlefield will change throughout the game, activating traps that cause damage or altered states and that will make the player have to be in continuous movement.To play Acheron’s Souls, players must download the free app available on the App Store and Google Play- Use your mobile as a gamepad to control the fighters in the game.- Select your favorite hero and choose your appearance for the battle.- Learn to play by reading the guides and delve into the 'Lore' of the game.

Legend has it that when the bravest warriors fall in battle, their souls are transported to the gates of the underworld by Acheronte, the ferryman of Hades. Right there these souls will fight an epic battle, in which only the victors can avoid remaining in hell for all eternity.


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Acheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls ScreenshotAcheron's Souls Screenshot

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