Azusa RP Online VS Raid: Shadow Legends

Game Status


The Azusa RP Online game status is active.


The Raid: Shadow Legends game status is active.

Game Age

5 years ago

Azusa RP Online was released on January 2019 and is now 5 years old.

6 years ago

Raid: Shadow Legends was released on July 2018 and is now 6 years old.


Azusa RP Online runs on 1 platform.

Raid: Shadow Legends runs on 3 platforms.

Player Perspectives

Estimated Total Players

Estimated Total Players

10.7 million

We estimate that Raid: Shadow Legends had approximately 10.7m players total.

Estimated Daily Players

Estimated Daily Players

8.8 thousand

We estimate that Raid: Shadow Legends has currently approximately 8.8k players daily.