Aurum Online VS Guild Wars

Game Status


The Aurum Online game status is active.


The Guild Wars game status is active.

Game Age

3 years ago

Aurum Online was released on August 2021 and is now 3 years old.

19 years ago

Guild Wars was released on May 2005 and is now 19 years old.


Aurum Online runs on 1 platform.

Guild Wars runs on 1 platform.

Player Perspectives

Estimated Total Players

Estimated Total Players

42 thousand

We estimate that Aurum Online had approximately 42k players total.

Estimated Total Players

1.9 million

We estimate that Guild Wars had approximately 1.9m players total.

Estimated Daily Players

Estimated Daily Players

1.1 thousand

We estimate that Aurum Online has currently approximately 1.1k players daily.

Estimated Daily Players

4 thousand

We estimate that Guild Wars has currently approximately 4k players daily.