Anyland VS Puzzle Pirates



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Game Status


The Anyland game status is active.


The Puzzle Pirates game status is active.

Game Age

6 years ago

Anyland was released on October 2016 and is now 6 years old.

19 years ago

Puzzle Pirates was released on December 2003 and is now 19 years old.

Game Rank

Number #305

We estimate that Anyland is currently the #305 most played MMO.

Number #198

We estimate that Puzzle Pirates is currently the #198 most played MMO.


Anyland runs on 1 platform.

Puzzle Pirates runs on 3 platforms.

Player Perspectives

Estimated Total Players

Estimated Total Players

8.9 thousand

We estimate that Anyland had approximately 8.9k players total.

Estimated Total Players

97 thousand

We estimate that Puzzle Pirates had approximately 97k players total.

Estimated Daily Players

Estimated Daily Players


We estimate that Anyland has currently approximately 840 players daily.

Estimated Daily Players

1.7 thousand

We estimate that Puzzle Pirates has currently approximately 1.7k players daily.




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