5 Steam Games Giveaway

We are doing a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new version of our web app!

Don't miss your chance to win 5 games for Steam!

Giveaway deadline
-44 days left (20 December 2022)
Participating users
25 participations so far

1. Enter your email address
10 points

We will contact you through the provided email if you are the winner of this contest.

2. Follow and retweet on Twitter
20 points

Visit us on Twitter at @mmostats and follow our account and retweet this tweet.

3. Follow our Instagram account
5 points

Visit us on Instagram at @mmostats and follow our account.

4. Follow our Facebook account
5 points

Visit us on Facebook at @mmostats and follow our account.

→ Each one of the optional participating methods gives points. A point is counted as an entry for the giveaway.

→ After the giveaway deadline, we will randomly select one entry, and check if all the instructions were followed. If the asked action was not performed, we will then randomly select another entry.

→ The winner will be contacted by email after the deadline and the prize consists of 5 random premium Steam games CD keys.

→ A minimum of 50 participations are required. If the minimum limit isn't met by the deadline, the date will be extended.

→ Each user may only participate one time.

Win 5 Steam Games

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