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Is this game dead?

Vine Worlds

August 2021 (3 months ago)

The sequel to 2020's Vine Realms, Vine Worlds is a 3D MMO-like collectathon based on the Vinesauce community. Inspired by walking simulators, embark on a journey by yourself (or up to 200 players on a server) through many worlds, unlock emotes based on the streamers, collect EXP by exploring or playing minigames to spend on cosmetics, and meet hundreds of characters with unique and humourous dialogue.

The cadets of the Vinesauce is HOPE team have ventured into the stars, on a scientific expedition to research mysterious alien lifeforms. You join them on the Heart of the Galaxy space station in the midst of their mission. You are told to gather enough Mementos of the Heart, or 'Emotes' for short, to help unlock the secrets of the galaxy - and also to power the inactive teleporters. From there, the player journeys to each world, meeting various characters and completing their task of gathering the emotes, cosmetics, and more.


  • VarietyisHOPE


  • VarietyisHOPE


  • Windows



Vine Worlds ScreenshotVine Worlds ScreenshotVine Worlds ScreenshotVine Worlds Screenshot

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