Bit Hotel VS DC Universe Online

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel

215 social score

Game Status


The Bit Hotel game status is active.


The DC Universe Online game status is active.

Game Age

2 years ago

Bit Hotel was released on July 2022 and is now 2 years old.

13 years ago

DC Universe Online was released on January 2011 and is now 13 years old.


Bit Hotel runs on 1 platform.

DC Universe Online runs on 5 platforms.

Player Perspectives

Estimated Total Players

Estimated Total Players

1 million

We estimate that Bit Hotel had approximately 1m players total.

Estimated Total Players

808 thousand

We estimate that DC Universe Online had approximately 808k players total.

Estimated Daily Players

Estimated Daily Players


We estimate that Bit Hotel has currently approximately 840 players daily.

Estimated Daily Players

14.7 thousand

We estimate that DC Universe Online has currently approximately 14.7k players daily.




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